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About Me

My Background

Hi, I’m Felicity. Originally from Fulham in London, and my family is from near Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, I grew up surrounded by the influence of ceramics. I’ve since lived in South Africa, Kenya and have now settled in Brighton, UK, with my family, where I make ceramics in my home studio. I love colour and shapes and use them to make items that are both practical and attractive.

My Work

I hand build all my pieces from scratch. I start with a lump of clay, and ask it what it would like to be. This way I can make each piece unique. I love colour and shapes and use them to make items that are both practical and attractive. I love the diversity of what can be done with clay, as well as the infinite number of colours and effects that can be created. Being able to make everyday items that are beautiful is very satisfying, because why shouldn’t the things we use everyday bring us joy? I don't like my pieces to look too polished, as I like them to look handmade and personal. As I always say "I am not a factory".

I love to decorate the bottoms of my pieces, as I believe all surfaces deserve to look beautiful.

How to Buy

I sell on Etsy, please click the link below.

My social media pages have exclusive items for sale. Please click on the Instagram and Facebook links below.

Details of my physical sales can be found below in the Events section.

I also take commissions for bespoke ceramics and pottery. If you see something on my social media or gallery pages that you like the look of, but would like to personalise it, with colours or letters/names, please do get in touch. Please note that all commissions can take up to 6 weeks

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